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May 312011

The period of pregnancy is quite long and it is not possible or advisable to stop doing your routine work or going to the office. However, it is important to look after yourself and the growing baby. For a working woman who is pregnant some problems do arise in the form of fatigue, uncomfortable clothes or insufficient nutrition. These are not too difficult to overcome.

Following are some important tips for pregnant working women to avoid any health related problem in office:

1. You should be seated in a comfortable position. Arrange for a low stool or chair to elevate your feet. Sit straight on the chair which should be neither too low nor high. The back rest should support your spine. If your job requires long hours of sitting, stand or walk about for a minute or so every two hours. This will get the circulation going.

2. Pack a few healthy snacks like fruit and nuts. In early pregnancy whenever you suffer from nausea, a pear will be helpful. In the latter part of pregnancy you may get heart burn as your baby pushes your organs. A banana will give you relief. If you eat too many fried snacks, they will cause acidity, so snack on nutritious things which are not too high in calories.

3. Along with snacks, have something to drink. Plain water is the best. Try to drink about eight glasses of water per day but for variety you can have fruit juice or milk. The thing to remember is that your drinks should not be high in sugar content as these empty calories will cause undue weight gain.

4. Wear comfortable clothes to work. As your stomach grows, replace your old clothes with maternity clothes. These have pleats in front to accommodate the stomach as it increases in dimension. They do not stretch to cross your body in an uncomfortable manner, nor do they make your stomach prominent rather they camouflage it by clever designing.

5. Do not wear synthetic clothes which do not allow your skin to breathe. Your body temperature tends to increase during pregnancy and such clothes will make you uncomfortable.

6. The mid day meal should be filling and nutritious to give you energy to do your work. It should not be so heavy that you feel drowsy. Avoid overly spicy and sour foods. Remember to drink something after your meal to wash it down.

7. When you feel tired, lie down for a while, even if it is for fifteen minutes. If possible, take a short nap.

There is no need to feel depressed or cross. Embrace the changes that are taking place in your life and adjust accordingly. A few changes here and there will make you more comfortable and you will be able to work well at the office.