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Generally brother and sister share a very nice relationship of love and affection. Both of them expect to see this relationship last till the end of life. If by any chance any person tries to intrude in the relationship it is difficult for both of them to adjust with the intruder. Thus it is essential for every lady whose husband or would be husband has a sister to be cautious in dealing with her. Depending upon her age and temperament, there are different ways of dealing with your husband’s sister or your sister- in- law.

If your sister- in- law is very young, being around 10 years, it is very easy to adjust with her. Little girls love to spend time with their friends. The only need is that you be her friend. The best way to make her your friend is buying her a gift of her choice. This can be a doll or some other toy to play with, a nice dress or some fairy tale books. You can together plan some fun activity like going out to watch a movie or visiting a zoo or other place of her choice. It is essential to associate her in some way in your work in kitchen. This will help fasten the bond of friendship.

If your sister- in- law is slightly older, say a school going girl, then you will have to adopt different ways to develop a relationship with her. You will have to initially spend time to find about her interests, liking and disliking. Once you know the sphere of her interest, you can discuss that matter with her. Generally grown up girls are interested in shopping, boys and movies. Both of you can have discussion about a movie, its actors and directors etc. If she opens up, try to talk to her about her boy friend, her objective in life and her plans for the future.

If your sister- in- law is of marriageable age then you will have a different way to bond. Talk to her of her marriage plans, and how she would like to fulfil them. If possible try to help her out of any difficulty she is facing about discussing the plan with your husband or her parents.

If the sister- in- law is older then you may have to deal in a way to make her feel that you have all the respect and affection for her. Do not hesitate to seek her advice in different matters like cooking or buying a gift for your husband or in the matter relating to your children or family.

By following some simple suggestions or ways you can develop a good relationship which will help you a lot in your family life.