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Mar 262011

Most women like to experiment with their looks. Clip on hair extensions are most convenient to try something new. They are easy to attach to your real hair and you can do so in the privacy of your home. You have to neither visit a salon nor pay for the service. It is a temporary look and can be easily removed to revert to your original look. If you are anxious to buy a hair extension, then you can buy either at your nearby beauty shop or online.

Before buying a hair extension for yourself it is essential to find out which products are available in the market, the quality offered and the price expected. Put in an effort to visit your local beauty stores and look at their display. You can actually see the hair extension and feel how thick it is. Some may allow you to try it, while others may not, citing hygiene considerations. Any way, you can get one that matches your hair color. It will be easier for you to judge whether the styles available will suit you or not. You can ask the beautician for her advice.

The only disadvantage of buying from a store is the price factor. The ones available in stores are exorbitantly priced at around $350. They pass through many hands and each person sells it after adding their own profit margin. It is better to visit a store to get an idea of the products on sale. After deciding on the style and color, buy from an online store.

The price in an online store will be about one third than that of a beauty store. You can order from your home. It is easy to compare prices and styles on offer at different web sites. You save the hassle of visiting various stores.

The disadvantage is that you cannot judge the hair extension by actually touching and seeing it. You have to depend upon a photograph and guess whether it will suit you or not. Also, be careful to read the small print about their return and refund policy in case you are not satisfied with your purchase. On receiving the hair extension, you may find that it does not match your expectations or it was not what you had ordered.

If you want to buy online, you can check the experience other customers have had by logging on to Facebook or Google or other social networking sites. There are feed backs on each site and you can go through them. You could post a query of your own and be sure to get a response from someone who has bought online.