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Jan 072010

infected hangnailHang nails would seem the least bothersome of them all. But they should not be neglected as they can get very painful and lead to irritation and infection. Particularly, those who suffer from diabetes and any other neurological diseases much ensure that they are free of any injury or inflammation.

The following could be done on as infected hangnail treatment for toe or fingers:

1. The infected hangnail area should be washed with warm and soap preferably antibacterial one. The hands should be washes and dried. Using a manicure scissors, carefully the hanging nails should be cut along with the hanging skin, if the flap of the skin is too deep or great, it would be left for the time being. But it should be monitored and cut once, if possible to cut it.

2. A thin coat of antibiotic cream available over the counter at the pharmacy should be applied on the hangnail. If it’s larger than a quarter inch then its better to cover it with thin plastic bandage to prevent dirt getting into it and speed up healing. The cream should be applied once or twice a day depending on the size of the area. This should be repeated until visible signs of healing are noticed.

3. The cream should be applied daily and bandage changed as well. Once the pain is completely gone, there is no need to apply cream or bandage. Sometimes the skin would come off and a red patch would be seen on the finger, then it necessary to continue with the cream and bandage until a new layer of skin covers up the area.

4. If irritation, redness, pus, oozing, swelling, significant discomfort or a red streak comes then a doctor should be consulted immediately. Hangnails are not very critical ones by sometimes they can get very troublesome.

5. To prevent hangnails, drinking plenty of water and keep the body hydrated. Applying moisturizer on the hands would help too especially in the winter months. While working with soil or outdoors, wearing gloves would be helpful. Wearing cotton gloves while sleeping will keep deep the hands soft as well.