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Apr 022010

It is always so wonderful to meet parents who have had twins. They have loads of intriguing experiences to share about how their little ones were born to them and things like that. Apparently twin deliveries are always different from the normal single baby ones. There are a lot of reasons why they sometimes become more complicated when compared to the normal cases. Hence that’s why doctors expect the expectant mother to be very careful in care of twin babies because they demand more care and concern.

There are various ways in which you could ascertain if you are carrying a single baby or twins in your womb. Some of them are mentioned in the lines to come could be noticed even in the privacy of your home by your own self. Of course one thing holds true in this case and that many a time most of the signs are similar to the very early symptoms of normal pregnancy. Especially, the morning sickness and hunger pangs which hold true in almost all situations. Yet there are several other symptoms which somehow hardly fail to ascertain the number of babies you would eventually deliver.

Morning sickness is more when talking of expectant mothers carrying twins. In their care they begin to experience morning sickness much before the rest. Secondly, the hunger pangs in their care are stronger and more urgent which isn’t true in many other cases. They also end up eating more and at quicker shorter intervals.

Frequent fetal movement is another twins pregnancy symptom which could mean you are carrying twins and not just one. They often gain more weight than the others when carrying twins which is obvious. When talking of the regular ultra sound sessions, you will often hear two hearts beating instead of one.

There are several ways to find out if you are going to have twins. Albeit most of the symptoms, like has been mentioned in the aforementioned lines, could be same in all cases yet there are a few which differ from situation to situation.

Make sure you take ample rest for when it comes to twins you really need to save your energy for the post delivery months as it is extremely tiring for parents to bring up twins.