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May 272011

Plastic surgery is usually done due to cosmetic reasons when people want to change their facial features or remove the signs of aging. Sometimes it becomes necessary due to medical reasons when a person has been in an accident or the skin is burned. At times plastic surgery is performed on the nose to facilitate breathing if there is any deformation.

Cosmetic Plastic surgery can help to change your appearance according to your wishes. It can tighten sagging skin and muscles, remove fat from abdomen, thighs and face, and change the shape of your nose, chin, ears etc. Most plastic surgeries are carried out on the face because it is the focus of attention of all those we meet. The various types of plastic surgery on the face are:

Face lift is usually resorted to by people wanting to look younger. It removes wrinkles and tightens loose facial skin. The skin is pulled tight and attached in an unobtrusive place like behind the ear.

Brow lift– if you want to remove lines and wrinkles just from the forehead, then this surgery is done. A smooth forehead, sans frown lines, makes you look younger.

Cheek augmentation is used to reduce the signs of aging. As you grow old, cheeks begin to look hollow and gaunt and cheek implants are used to fill them out. It can also be used to improve the basic structure of the face by recasting the cheeks.

Chin surgery is done to change the shape of the chin. If the chin is square or too pointed, it can be rounded to make the face look more balanced. Small chins can be enlarged and the volume of large chins can be reduced.

Eyelid surgery can be done for cosmetic and medical purposes. Blepharoplasty, as it is called, removes crow’s feet and other wrinkles from around the eyes. Often the skin becomes loose and bags are formed under the eyes, adding to the age of a person. Dark eye circles are sometimes formed under the eyes due to illness or fatigue. Both bags and circles can be cleared by removing extra fat and skin around the eyes.

If you suffer from drooping eyelid syndrome and your vision is impacted, then eye lids can be lifted to give better vision.

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is done to improve the shape of the nose. If the nose is crooked or bumpy, or if the nostrils are too wide, it can be rectified. The nose may be broken in an accident, or the walls separating the nostrils may need to be repaired, or there may be an obstruction in the nose causing breathing problems. All such problems can be set right by nose surgery.

Consult a well qualified and experienced surgeon to prevent post operative complications from occurring.