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Nov 302010

Use of right type of cosmetic is essential for healthy skin. Different human beings have different kind of skin. It may be delicate, oily, dry, normal or highly prone to allergic reaction. Medical research has revealed that the allergies are of different type. Some people face allergic reaction from touch or application of a product or some may be affected even by atmosphere. The allergic reaction may be from both chemicals and natural growth namely wheat, oats, vegetables or perfumes/extracts of these products. When skin is exposed to a product to which it is allergic it results in redness or swelling or development of rashes.

Those who have delicate skin or skin prone to allergies must be very careful before switching from one beauty care product to the other. These days there is a tendency to use natural products in makeup packs. Though normally these are safer than chemical based packs, still allergic person should be careful before use. In this regard aloevera gel and neem based products have been found to be very useful, and if it suits user can experience wonder effects.

Different products are required for dry or oily skin. In case of oily skin moisturisers should never be used as they will increase oil content. In case of dry skin, moisturisers can be of great help as they will balance moisture and oil level in skin. Choice of sunscreen is also of utmost importance. Sunscreen lotions help reduce the effect of ultra violet rays present in sunlight which result in darkening of skin. Washing of face with clean water is essential for protection of all type of facial skin.

Once the facial cleaning product which forms the base of makeup is decided, it is essential to choose the right makeup. Before the application of final makeup, foundation is applied on the face and other exposed parts. The choice of right foundation is essential. For this the user can be guided by the above guidelines for choice of cleansers. Finally the makeup products should be such that they are not very harsh to skin. It is good to use makeup with natural extracts as compared to use of makeup with chemicals. As per the government guidelines the contents of makeup are listed on the bottles. It is necessary that the user should have working knowledge of contents.

Natural and quality makeup products are often very costly. Low cost substitutes may contain additives such as titanium dioxide etc. these are harmful and should be avoided. Makeup which results in clogging of pores of skin should not be used.