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Mar 112011

All women love to use makeup to enhance their looks. Now mineral or sheer makeup is the rage. If applied properly, it gives a natural look devoid of heavy cakiness of liquid makeup. It is easy and quick to apply and can be used daily even by busy women who do double duty of working outside and running a home. Special applicators and brushes are available along with the sheer makeup kit.

Here are detailed a few easy steps needed to transform you beautifully:

  • Sheer makeup comes in two shades of foundation- a light and a darker shade. Apply a strip of both colors separately on your cheek and see if either color matches your skin tone. If it does, then that is the foundation for you. If neither color matches, then blend the two foundation colors, adding more of the lighter or darker shade as required. Test the final product. If it is satisfactory then use as much as needed and store the rest in a container for future use.
  • As always, wash your face to remove dirt and traces of stale makeup using a conditioning soap-free face wash. Pat face dry. Apply moisturiser, either oil free if you have oily skin or the usual for normal skin. This is necessary to seal in moisture in the skin and it will help the makeup to adhere to the skin.
  • Next use a concealer to hide dark circles, acne marks, pigmentation and uneven skin. The concealer should be a shade lighter than your skin tone. Apply a little and blend it in properly so that there are no harsh edges.
  • Take the soft brush appropriate for applying the sheer powder foundation. Dip the brush in the container to coat it with the foundation. Tap it on the edge to dislodge extra powder. Allow the powder to reach deep into the bristles of the brush.
  • Start applying the foundation beginning at the outer side of the face and moving towards the centre. The action should be circular. Once the whole face is covered, dust it again with the brush without dipping it in powder. This will spread it evenly.
  • Check your face in the mirror. If any blemishes are visible apply some more concealer at that spot, blending the edges.

Do not touch the makeup products with your hands. Even washed hands have residues of natural oils that will get transferred and contaminate the makeup. Always use clean brushes and cotton balls to apply the products.