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It was earlier believed that if a woman had delivered a child by a caesarean operation, then her subsequent babies would have to be delivered in the same manner. A vertical cut was made in the uterus to take out the baby and it was liable to rupture if a normal delivery was attempted subsequently. So doctor advised against vaginal birth and repeated caesareans were the norm.

Now a horizontal cut is made which has lessened this risk. Also there is no ugly scar showing across the stomach. Unless there is a medical complication, like a breach baby, doctors are willing to advise a vaginal birth instead of another c-section. The width of the hips on the outside does not indicate the space the pelvic bones afford for the passage of the baby, so it has to be carefully evaluated.

It is much better to go in for a vaginal birth because a c-section means major abdominal surgery. There is always some danger present although surgery is much safer now. Even after the delivery the mother is not able to give quality care to the baby as there is bound to be pain in the cut.

A vaginal birth is the way nature intended babies to be born and is much safer. The mother is able to sit up after delivery and nurse her baby. After a c-section she is in much pain and has to lie straight on the bed with her feet propped up, unable to attend to her child’s needs.

Sometimes a c-section is scheduled without labour pains even having started. At times it may be necessary but then certain advantages are lost. During labour some hormones are released which are beneficial for both the mother and baby. These may partly be recouped if the mother is allowed to go through some labour pains and then the necessary surgery performed.

When the baby is being squeezed out through the birth canal he is cleansed of mucus and other membranes. There are no residual fluids and his airways are clear. When the baby is lifted from the uterus by a doctor he has to be cleaned manually and may have some difficulty in breathing.

With surgery, the mother has to undergo a longer recovery period as the wound has to heal before she can be up and about. She will need help with her chores and also her diet may be restricted. Sometimes the wound gets infected causing further problems.

All these factors must be weighed and only after a thorough discussion with a doctor, the decision of vaginal or caesarean birth be taken.

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