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May 152009

vaginal-yeast-infectionYeast infections are very painful, irritating and disturbing. The infected women would it difficult to do anything due to discomfort in the vagina. Here are main symptoms of yeast infections. A single symptom may not be sufficient to conclude the presence of infection but two or more of these are a sure sign of infection and need to check with the physician.

Vaginal Odour: If there is an infection then an odd smell would be emanated from the vagina. This alone is not a sign of infection as this could due to various other reasons.

Vaginal Discharge: If there is an infection then a kind of liquid substance is discharged from the vagina.

Tiredness/Fatigue: The person with yeast infection is sure to face tiredness and fatigue for no apparent reasons. This would have very often.

Feeling very low: Vaginal infection may cause the hands and legs to ache just like in the case of flu or cold. But the person may not be experiencing cold or flu.

Indigestion: Digesting the food may be a problem. Even the food the person normally eats may not digest properly.

Chronic rashes: Infected women experience rashes continuously for a reasonable period of time. This kind of chronic rashes is good. indicator of yeast infection.

Pain during sexual intercourse: The infected person would find the intercourse suddenly very painful and/or experience sexual dysfunction.