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Mar 032011

Valentine Day is a day to show your near and dear ones how much you care for them. It can include your family members like sister and mother. Your mother has brought you into this world and she would be thrilled if you give her a Valentine Day gift. Here are some suggestions as to what she would like.

You could gift her a day of rest. Ask her to choose any day convenient to both of you when you will attend to her chores and run errands for her. This can include paying her bills, doing her shopping, and seeing what needs to be repaired in the house. When this offer comes to her without her request she will be very happy.

Over a long period of time her relatives may be scattered all over the country. Interstate phone calls are expensive so you could help her to stay in touch by gifting a mobile phone and prepaid calling card. These are available in many denominations. A cherished gift would be an album containing the photos of her children and grand children. The icing on the cake would be a large framed photograph of all of you which she could put up on a wall.

Likewise, you could surprise your sister on Valentine Day by sending her flowers. To make the gift last longer, opt for silk flowers. They just look like the real thing and are washable. You could take her out for a movie followed by dinner. To rekindle childhood memories you could rent your favourite old movie and binge on pizza and popcorn, just like old times.

Another good gesture would be to get her car serviced from a garage or change brake or engine oil and look into other aspects of car maintenance. No girl is too keen to do all this. On her mobile phone set the reminder for when the oil should be changed again.

You could gift your sister a day out by babysitting. This could be on any day of her choice when she would like to go out with a friend or husband. Of course, your sister has to be living in the same town or nearby if you are to offer this service.

If you cannot really figure out what to gift or want to give freedom to your sister to choose her own gift, you can give her gift cards available at many banks. These can be used just like cash at stores.

All these are inexpensive yet thoughtful ways of showing your love and will bring much joy to the recipients.