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Jul 282009

women's wardrobeAs the size keeps changing over the years, it’s the general tendency to acquire new clothes. Most often the old ones don’t go out at all. Finally one day the wardrobe fills up but there would be nothing really worth wearing to a special occasion.

A better way to deal with this situation is to always shop for stuffs that could be mixed and worn with other pieces of clothes. This would reduce the number of clothes purchased and be easy on the pockets as well.

Blouses: In clingy material like silk could be combined with various clothes. The colors could be neutral white or beige or bright colors with prints. The long sleeves would suit most occasions except warm evenings. Short sleeves or sleeveless blouses could be opted too and combined with shawl or evening wrap.

Skirts: It’s always good to have full length skirts in good fabric and formal colors. It can be silk or wool and other rich fabric and could have gathering or fitted.

Jackets: Always give a new look to even old clothes .They could be in satin or silk either short waist or long and sleek. Dark or light solid color with button, zips or fastenable ones would go with most clothes. For skirts or blouses that are of solid colors, printed jacket would be a good option.

Slacks: It’s good to have a pair of slacks as they can be worn at occasions where there would be movement such as conventions, speaking engagements etc.  Solid shade combined with wool or other natural fabric would be an ideal one to suit all occasions. Care should be taken to choose slacks that could be worn independently without the skirt.

Black Dress: A little black dress, also called a cocktail dress will generally go for all occasion and suit all personality. The conservative dressers could opt for turtle neck and short sleeved style that goes up to mid knee or ankle. The more daring ones could go for sleeveless, v-neck and knee length fitting dress.

Undergarments: You must have collection of undergarments and lingeries which are comfortable to wear and good with the combination of any dressing. It is good to have some skin colored undergarments which are occasionally needed.

Accessories: No wardrobe is complete without accessories.  It’s best to 2-3 sets of accessories such as necklace, earrings and bracelets that would go with the skirt and the slacks. Some common designed shoes and bags which could be matched to any type of clothes as well.

Buying clothes and accessories that go with each other saves money, storage space and also gives a satisfaction of wearing something really good.