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May 262011

Birth control pills contain hormones which change the functioning of the body to prevent pregnancy. The hormone contained in the pills helps to control ovaries and uterus. Most of the birth control pills contain progesterone and oestrogen hormones. For pregnancy ovation is essential. If there is no ovation there can be no pregnancy.

When a woman takes birth control pills, the mucus around cervix gets thickened and the sperm is unable to reach the uterus and the egg. The hormones present in the pills prevent the egg from sticking to the walls of uterus. Birth control pills come in the pack of twenty one and a woman has to take a pill a day for twenty one days continuously at the same time each day. When these are stopped after twenty one days the periods start. It is essential to note that the pill has to be taken irrespective of the fact that the woman indulges in sexual activity or not.

These pills do have negative effects as well. Adverse effects are woman specific. Different women may face different symptoms. Following are the side effects of birth control pills:

Headache– this is common complaint when one starts to take the pills. Slowly, as the body gets used to the hormonal changes, this subsides. If headache continues, it will be better if the pills are changed.

Nausea is another trouble associated with the birth control pills. This also subsides as the body gets used to the new hormones entering the body. To reduce nausea, the pills can be taken with food. Preferably you can take the pills with dinner. This way nausea effect will be the least.

In rare cases a woman may face bleeding when she starts to take contraceptive pills. This may be due to inflammation in the walls of cervix. It is necessary to consult your doctor immediately. He may advise you to take anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce inflammation.

Some women may lose sexual desire after starting the birth control pills. In case the pills are changed the desire will come back.

Mood swings is the most common problem associated with the birth control pills. In such a case you may require a non hormonal birth control method. Your doctor will be the best person to suggest alternative methods.

In addition to these side effects, a woman may have scanty or excessive menstrual bleeding. These are temporary phases and will be normal soon. Those suffering from migraine may notice increased migraine frequency, in certain cases due to hormonal effect some may have lesser frequent migraine cycles.

In long term, rarely there are chances that, the birth control pills may result in increase in blood pressure, blood clotting, heart attack and stroke. There are instances of development of breast cancer in certain cases where the woman is a heavy smoker or drinks a lot.