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May 152009

fibroid-tumorsFibroids are growth of tissues on the wall of uterus. They is not cancerous growth and its presence will not cause any problems in the normal life of the women. But those women who want to have kids will have tough time conceiving and if they do there are chances of miscarriages. These fibroids are a hindrance in the reproductive process.

What causes them?

Doctors are yet to discover the reasons or circumstances of their occurrence. Therefore they don’t have an ideal solution to get rid of them.

Fibroid Tumors Treatments

But those with fibroids don’t have to be heartbroken. They can still conceive by working around the fibroids.There are two options available.

Fibroid Tumors Surgery

In this the doctors try to operate and take the fibroids out but usually they have roots deep in the reproductive organs. Consequently the whole uterus would have to be taken out. This would make the women infertile for life. So this is not the preferred option but most women especially the ones who aspire to be mothers.

The other option is to lower the estrogens which will shrink the fibroids. There are many ways to shrink the estrogens levels. At lower estrogens’ level, there are higher chances of conceiving and having a successful pregnancy. A visit to the doctor to would help to know about the different options to lower estrogens and also to know about the aggressive form of hormone therapy.