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May 052011

These days most women like to work to earn their living and have status in society. They get lost in their work to such an extent that they do not find time for themselves. In most of the cases the woman affected does notice the changes taking place in her body but due to paucity of time, they tend to ignore the warning given by nature. By the time they start to think of the repeated warnings it is already too late. Many women in their early thirties or even younger have started to experience hormonal imbalances in their body and disorders associated with these changes.

Hormones regulate body functions. Imbalance due to any reason does affect one function or the other. In case of imbalance the human body gives repeated warnings. It is prudent to take note of the early warnings so that remedial measures are taken at the earliest to avoid subsequent and severe complications. Some of the warning symptoms are irregular periods, depression, fatigue and weariness, development of skin allergies, hair loss and growth of hair on face or other parts of body which were earlier without hair. At a later stage one may notice development of symptoms of osteoporosis.

The hormonal imbalance in females can be due to a number of reasons. The basic cause to begin with, is the incorrect relationship in a woman’s body between level of oestrogen and progesterone. When these hormones co-exist and maintain balance everything is normal. Variation in the balance will lead to a number of side effects and will affect the health of a woman. Once this happens symptoms of hormonal imbalance narrated above will start to warn you.

It is interesting to note that the amount of these hormones produced by our body vary from month to month. Quantity of production depends upon level of stress, provision of nutrition to the body, lack of exercise and ovation. Change in level of any of these at any particular point of time will result in imbalance. In case in any month if there is no ovulation there will be no production of progesterone by ovaries and the level between the two primary hormones will start to vary. This is the major reason of imbalance in body of any woman.

Other causes for hormonal imbalance in young women can be:

  • Taking pills or other medicines for contraception. These contain synthetic oestrogen lowering progesterone level. Thus an imbalance is created. If a woman has undergone hormonal replacement therapy she is likely to suffer from imbalance at a later stage.
  • Too much of stress is a major cause.
  • Improper food habits, eating non nutritive junk food or excessive consumption of meat and meat products which are high in oestrogen can be a cause of imbalance.
  • Environment in which one lives and work can cause a cause of imbalance. Pollution disturbs all balances of body.
  • Use of some cosmetics can be a cause of imbalances.