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Mar 012011

It is considered that pains and aches are part and parcel of pregnancy. Most women do face the problem of pain in some part of the body or the other. These are due to muscular reasons which we will discuss later. First of all let us discuss directly pregnancy related pain. This pain is generally felt in the abdomen area and is very severe. This is often a result of ectopic pregnancy.

Body pain: The other types of pains generally faced by pregnant women are body pains. These are due to hormonal changes or change of life style. The most common pain reported by a pregnant lady is low back pain. It is a routine thing if it is not severe and continuous. Even in this case caution is that one should never take any drug available over the counter. Before taking any drug consultation with the attending doctor is a must.

Lower back pain: Low back pain may be due to increase in weight or improper rest or shifting of centre of gravity of the body. Normally the lady is told to sleep on the side. It will be helpful if she keeps a pillow between the legs and also give support to the upper body with pillows. Light yogic exercises done under strict supervision of expert to relax the muscles may be of great help. Often the pain in back is also due to shifting of centre of gravity of the body which moves forward and to keep the balance one has to adjust the body posture.

Leg pain: There can be instances of pain in legs. This is normally due to increase in body weight over a short time and lack of proper exercise or movement. Some women complain of cramps in legs. These are due to shortage of calcium or other vital inputs. Regulated and balanced diet is a must for healthy child. Final pain is labour pain which ends with the birth of the child eagerly awaited over a period of nine months.

Severe pelvic pain: As a general process when the egg fertilizes it travels towards the uterus and gets planted on the wall of uterus where it grows to become a foetus and ultimately a child is born. However, sometimes the fertilized cell instead of reaching the uterus gets planted in the fallopian tube. Though the egg starts to grow but it is unable to find sufficient space as the fallopian tube does not expand. Unable to expand it bursts the tubes resulting in excessive bleeding. If this is not controlled at the right time it can result in the death of the woman.

If there is bleeding during pregnancy and that too associated with pain an immediate visit to the doctor is a must.