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Nov 252010

Electrolytic removal of hair was started around 1870 by Dr. Charles E. Michael, an eye specialist, who used it for removal of ingrown eyelashes. With passage of time and further research in this field this has become an important method of permanent removal of unwanted heir. To look beautiful not only more and more women are adopting this method, even men are using it. It should be remembered that electrolysis should be got done under strict medical supervision from a professional electrologist. Selection of electrologist is of utmost importance. One should not hesitate to verify his credentials including qualification, experience and extent of work done before going in for treatment.

Removal of hair can be of two types. Temporary method includes shaving and waxing etc. By these methods unwanted hair which has grown out of the skin is cut off. By these methods follicles are not destroyed and the growth recurs, requiring removal again and again. Electrolysis is the process to destroy the follicle. To explain it simply, follicles are exposed to radio or electric waves of different frequencies and thus are destroyed permanently. With advancement of science and continuous research carried out in this field, number of methods of conducting electrolysis has been developed. In addition to the above, a combination of heat and chemicals has also been tried and found the most effective.

Electrolysis hair removal cost which can vary from $25 to $150 per hour, depending upon the type of process to be used, amount of hair to be removed and the discretion of the doctor. Before starting treatment, it is advisable to get detail of cost involved and time schedule to be followed from the doctor. Time that will be taken for the treatment depends upon extent of growth to be removed, hereditary and hormonal qualities of the person. The treatment may be over in days or may take months. Once one decides to go in for treatment it is essential that the time schedule given to him should be strictly followed for best results.

Now, Electrolysis hair removal at home is possible, with the help of a kit available in the market. Still some expert’s advice is important before applying this method first time at home.

Electrolysis was first developed to remove unwanted hair from the eyes so this is a safe method. The extent of pain associated with this treatment is not much. However this depends upon person to person as everyone has different threshold of pain.