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May 252011

First time mothers often talk to their friends and relatives about the difficulties and pain faced during the process of giving birth to the child. The extent of labour one has to face often causes a sense of fear in their minds. Now the process of giving birth to a child by the natural process can be made painless with the process of hypnobirthing. This is an effort to install a sense of faith in the mind of would be mother that she will be able to give birth with calm and without feeling of pain.

Hypnobirthing is a technique of relaxing and reprogramming the mind of pregnant woman in a manner that she develops a feeling that giving birth to a child is a process filled with happiness and comfort and is a smooth process without subsequent complications. This is a hypnotherapy by which the sub conscious mind is hypnotised and the mind and soul are relaxed to the fullest possible extent. This is not a magic treatment but is logical and can be explained scientifically.

During hypobirthing session, a pregnant woman is made to relax her mind, muscles and breath. A positive thought is introduced in her mind about the process of natural birth in such a way that the mind starts to believe that this is not a painful process. The subconscious mind records a major part of the message itself and always advises the conscious mind of what has been registered in it.

Hypnobirthing can be started as soon as the pregnancy is discovered. The longer the training the more effective it will be to train the mother of the positive suggestions and intentions regarding child birth. This needs to be done by trained teachers. The following steps are involved:

  • Pregnant woman is made to be comfortable in a calm room.
  • She is made to relax fully with the help of some soothing music.
  • This is coupled with aromatherapy to make her fully relaxed both physically and mentally.
  • Once the woman is fully relaxed and receptive, the trainer gives suggestions and positive intentions about the pleasure of giving birth to a child fully relaxed and being the mother of a new soul.

The first time mothers are benefited in the following manner:

  • Fully relaxed and fearless mind helps the mother to have healthy and happy pregnancy, the foetus develops well and birth is given to a healthy child.
  • There are instances to show that with relaxed mind the chances of nausea and dizziness are reduced.
  • Being mentally satisfied and relaxed the chances of postpartum depression are eliminated to a great extent.
  • Being mentally relaxed the desire to use drugs during the child birth are reduced to minimum.
  • The woman does not develop hypertension, reducing the chances of damage to the foetus and reduces intake of medicines.

The developing child is also benefit to a great extent as the mother is relaxed.