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May 302011

Many overweight people try to lose weight by dieting and exercise. At times the effect on the fat pockets may not be in an even manner and there are certain areas which show bulges, in spite of overall weight reduction. These are quite obstinate and difficult to get rid of. At these times SmartLipo can help. The fat is liquefied by laser which is pre-calibrated. Its effect is limited to the upper layers and it does not reach deep down into the body. Consequently, the recovery period is short.

The doctors at the SmartLipo clinic will first evaluate your health. They will conduct laboratory tests to see that your heart and body are healthy and that you are free from diseases. If all is well, they will then explain the procedure of SmartLipo to you. You will have to sign a form consenting to the process. This is a standard thing in most medical procedures.

A local anaesthetic will be injected in the area where liposuction has to be carried out. In one sitting approximately 250 gms. of fat is burnt. Depending upon the quantity of fat, the process may take between one to two hours. Later the abdomen may be distended and feel as if full. This is due to the reason that liquefied fat tends to settle there. This discomfort will last for two to three days and then it will return to normal by itself.

When the underlying fat has been removed, the skin tends to bunch into folds and sags. Liposuction does not remove excess cellulite. To get rid of this problem, body shaping has to be done. A time gap of at least two weeks is necessary before that can be done.

Body shaping is done by a combination of using a vacuum and cooling by laser. The damaged blood vessels are repaired and the elasticity of the skin improved. The skin is made firmer as well. The lymphatic drainage is improved. As the fat metabolism is accelerated the fat which is destroyed with the laser beam gets drained out by the lymphatic system. The body shaping is not painful.

If liposuction has been carried out in small sections like calves or upper arms, then a small binding is done there, post the process. However, if the area is large like abdomen or thighs, then a body stocking or corset has to be worn for a month or so. This may cause some discomfort but it is necessary.

Diet and regulated exercise have to be undertaken as there is no substitute for them. Normal routine can be carried out after SmartLipo as there is less bleeding and swelling as compared to liposuction, but stannous activities are prohibited for some time.